Will You Have a Working Retirement?

Later Living Working Retirement and Entrepreneur RetireesOne of the best parts about being retired is that Monday is just another day of the week. Yet data suggest that many retirees continue to work in some manner.

According to a recent survey by Harris Interactive, 57 percent of those over age 60 said they would look for another job after retiring from their current position.

In addition, as we have mentioned previously, there is a growing trend of entrepreneurship among retirees.

Still, the transition from full retirement to rejoining the workforce or launching your own enterprise can be easier in the right environment. Taking into consideration factors like job growth potential, current unemployment rates, cost of living, taxes, violent crime rates, climate, and physicians per capita, Forbes recently published a list of the 25 Best Places for a Working Retirement.

Among those communities making the list was Athens, GA, our home base. Sometimes in life, and in retirement, luck is just as important as planning.

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