About Later Living

Later Living covers topics surrounding the last third or so of life, when people are looking toward retirement, then in it, and then trying to figure out how they might make it their own. Later Living is about retirement, but not life at idle. It is a blog about perspective—about finding some truth and mystery in ordinary life.

Later Living shares stories, documents adventures, reports news and research, and offers advice. These offerings may take the form of posts, essays, interviews or original photo journals.

About Warren Flick

Warren is a husband, father, and retired forestry professor. He earned a bachelor of science in forestry, a PhD in forestry economics, and a JD in law. He taught forest economics early in his career, then after going to law school in middle life, he returned to teaching and research but shifted his work to environmental law, taxation, and forest policy. He was a registered forester for most of his career, and is still a member of the Alabama Bar. Later Living will rely as much on his experience in retirement as on his backgrounds in economics and law.

All post are written by Warren unless a different author is identified. Contact him at LaterLivingBlog at gmail dot com  and follow him on Twitter (@LaterLivingBlog).

1 thought on “About Later Living

  1. Our oldest daughter Leslie C. Levin is a professor of law at UConn. Her new book she edited and wrote two chapters is “Lawyers In Practice.. Ethical Decision Making In Context. Concrete examples and interviews suggest that the bar is highly fragmented. You might find it quite interesting.

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