Remember that Office To-Do List?

Given all the aches and pains that intensify with age, it can be especially delightful to celebrate some things that were (or should be) left behind at the career place. Conquering the To-Do List in yesterday’s The Wall Street Journal may well deserve such a celebration. Many retirees gleefully toss out the old career-ladened to-do list, and despite Ms. Sue Shellenbarger’s excellent column, many of us can simply skip it. Now, back to that pain in my left shoulder …

New Entrepreneurs Among the Later Living

Later life is more and more a time of entrepreneurship, says the Atlantic. One reason is the good health enjoyed by many people who have been spared a hard life of physical labor. Other reasons, not mentioned in the Atlantic, may include a growing number of unemployed among people 50 years old and above, and a growing interest in providing help to younger family members who themselves may be unemployed. Times are tough. The examples in the Atlantic are persons who have had careers, who may be already retired, and who have the interest and energy to start something new. Later life is a good time to start a business.